What I Have

What I have is very complicated, yet very simple. This is kind of how it happened: In 1992 we lived in a great neighborhood in Houston where I had a vision of running home from work one day, so I trained for the 16 mile run. One time while running I tripped and fell…then the … More What I Have

What is HSCT?

Again, another complicated, but simple response! It is a 28 day procedure at Clinica Ruiz in Puebla Mexico.  HSCT is performed in many countries and cities in the world (Singapore, Philippines, India, Russia, Italy, Mexico, and others).  Now here is where I will try and make complicated simple:  several days of tests, four days of … More What is HSCT?

My 24 days of HSCT!

 Saturday, March 25th…travel day. Two check in bags, but very few clothes. Lots of stuff! Car at 4:30p, flight at 7p. Sunday, March 26th.  Moved into our apartment around 1pm, then generally waited until we got notice of a van to Walmart at 6:10.  Good news…found the Rockets game on a local channel.  Ever listen … More My 24 days of HSCT!