What I Have

What I have is very complicated, yet very simple. This is kind of how it happened:

In 1992 we lived in a great neighborhood in Houston where I had a vision of running home from work one day, so I trained for the 16 mile run. One time while running I tripped and fell…then the next time…then the next. It might have been then, or in 1991 when my right leg locked up in a spasm while playing basketball with friends in Dallas, or the Vertigo I suffered in 1987. Either way, I was formally diagnosed with MS in November of 1992. The disease has slowly progressed but more progressive in the last five years.

What I live with, most people do not see or know about. I try and keep a lot to myself and “power through!”

No matter when I go to bed or how well and long I sleep, I suffer from fatigue. I wake up tired and stay that way all day. I can feel hung over all day, without drinking at all the day or week before. Combine that with a “MS brain fog”, it makes a great way to get off the Tee box! Then there is right foot drop and right leg weakness. I’ve often said “for every mile you walk, I walk 10”. That sucks. There is incontinence, which is hell when you’re trying to hydrate! Also hand cupping, hand tremors and more. Put it all together and mix in balance issues it becomes a terrific recipe for falls, tripping, broken bones, stitches, bruises and more! I’ve had the pleasure of having had all.  I also brag that I have tripped and fallen in some of the best airports…La Guardia, LAX, Houston Intercontinental, Houston Hobby, and more!! All of this while being a father, husband, friend, and until recently an employee of Morgan Stanley. Hopefully, HSCT can halt any further progression!


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