The First Reboot – Preparation For HSCT

I am going into my March 27th treatment very seriously.  We have been eating and drinking right (for the most part) while participating in a fairly consistent exercise regimen for the past few months.  My biggest fear were to peak too soon, i.e. being in the best shape too early then backsliding.

Beginning February 27th, 2017 things became real (my treatment starts March 27th, 2017).  Immediately, NO ALCOHOL!  No sips, quick nips, or anything…stopped completely!  Concurrently, and this has been the much more difficult task, is to slowly eliminate sugar (no ice cream, fudge, cookies, desserts, and the like).  Each week are less until there is very little sugar.  In addition, Suzi ad I are consuming a more protein based diet.

During this four week time (The First Reboot), I am on the recumbent bike daily (one day off per week).  The first week were 15 minutes per day, then 16 minutes the next week, then 18, finishing with 20.  In addition to a trainer for stretching 3 days per week, there is PT and many home exercises.  My goal is to be fit both physically and aerobically by March 27th.  The Second Reboot starts after the March 27th treatment is completed.


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