Conclusion! Read this Last, PLEASE!

If this is not the BIG wake up call then medicine will continue to drag on and be dominated by a reluctance of the the medical community to embrace change and new ideas.

To begin with, thank you all for following my blog! Hopefully it was a look under the hood for you and a chance for Suzi and me to look back and do a replay of what happened over the last 24 days.

On March 27th, 2017, 20 brave people came to Puebla Mexico with great anxiety and uncertainty about what they were about to go through. All 20 had a strong common bond…all have Multiple Sclerosis and they would do ANYTHING to stop the progression or improve! These are the lucky 20 who were chosen out of hundreds of others, worldwide, and were able to meet all of the medical, financial, and logistical hoops needed to walk in the door! 40% will improve, 40% will stabilize, and 20% will progress as they are now. Those are odds that all 20 and many many more will take…PUT THE ODDS BACK IN MY HANDS…is their message.

Who are these people? People from all over the world! Mothers (one that I know of being a mother of 5 young children!), salespeople, husbands, wives, mechanics, business owners, attorney’s, personal trainers, farmers,and more. One person I know was the top mechanic at his firm and used to walk a mile to and from work every day! He was the companies “Mr. Fix-it”, but now can hardly walk and his hands are shot. Their ages range from probably 30 years old to 60+. Eighteen are white, one is Hispanic and one is Indian. About 60% are women. There were wheel chairs, scooters, walkers, canes, people who had labored walking, and some who you would never suspect has anything…ALL HAVE MS AND WANT TO EITHER STABILIZE OR TAKE BACK THEIR WORLDS!

As for me, my direct efforts to achieve all of the medical hurdles to get here started Dec 27th of 2016 and should end with scheduled aftercare finishing around March of 2018. During that 15 month period I will have had: 2 x 2 hour MRI’s, 13 blood draws, 23 shots, 7 new vaccinations (yes I lose these too!), 4 x 5 hour chemo sessions to equal 20 hours of chemo, 8 different infusions (the minimum was 1 hour long with most around 3 hours), a one week shut down neutropenia diet, and consultations with about a dozen doctors. I’ll start 8 new prescriptions for things like nausea, anti-viral, anti-fungal and more which will total over 100 pills. If my numbers are off, it will be on the low side. ALL OF THIS TO TAKE BACK CONTROL OF MY MS AND MY LIFE!!!

This will work thanks to all of you, my loving wife and family, your prayers and God’s will! Wish me luck as I move forward.


Fun things we got to watch:

Movies we saw:
– Captain Phillips
– The Terminal
– Unbroken
– Bringing Down the House
– Man on Fire
– The Hundred Foot Journey
– Jack Reacher
– The Passion of the Christ : watched Easter Morning
– Hacksaw Ridge
– Founder

Mini Series:
– The Fall – finished
– The Crown – finished
– Ingobernable – about 7 episodes of season 1. Got slow and not real.
– 13 Reasons Why. Got to about episode 5. Got slow.
– Stranger Things -still watching.
– Billions. One episode. Too familiar
– Grace and Frankie. One episode. Strange.
– Planet Earth. Still watching and enjoying.

MLB Network:                                                                                                                                 – Ordered the MLB Network for one month.  Got to see every Astro game (home and away from opening day to April 19th…15 games.  Well worth the $24.95!  Pitching has been great for the team.  Offense started out very slow, picked up after about 8 games!


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